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Insight Lending is a division of the Insight Group whose objective is to provide our clients with a property finance solution for both private and investment purchases. We strive to provide a service that you would be delighted to recommend to others. We have access to over 30 lenders including the big four banks to ensure that we can get the most competitive interest rates on a product that best suits your needs. The type of loan you require will depend on a range of factors that our expert lending staff will identify through consultation with you. Insight Lending uses sophisticated software that allows us to do hundreds of loan comparisons at a glance and also streamline the application process. Our lending staff works hand in hand with the accountants at the Insight Group. This allows us to give you a strategy that both meets your needs and is tax effective. Not only do our brokers work closely with accountants we also work closely with our sister company Insight Wealth Partners and their financial planners. With so many experts working together, you can be confident that you will get the finance you need and a strategy that benefits you for the long term.


First Home Buyers

Embark on your homeownership journey confidently with tailored solutions, expert advice, and access to exclusive incentives for first home buyers.

Home Loan Refinancing

Maximize savings and flexibility through strategic home loan refinancing. Unlock better rates and terms while simplifying the process with expert guidance.

Construction Loans

Build your vision from the ground up with specialized construction loans. Tailored funding, expert support, and seamless progress for your dream project.

Rental Property Loans

Seize real estate opportunities with investment property loans. Customized solutions, favourable terms, and expert guidance for a growing portfolio.

Unlocking Equity

Unlock your home's hidden potential. Leverage equity for renovations, investments, or big plans. Our expertise guides you forward.


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