Your Appointment

We understand that not everyone has had experience in dealing with a Mortgage Broker, and in fact this may be the first time they have consulted one. It is our goal to make sure that whether you are looking to purchase a home as a first home buyer, investor, moving house, refinancing an existing loan or even purchasing a property through a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) that you are guided through the process from start to finish.

An appointment with a Finance Broker is 100% free of charge. In this first appointment we can discuss your circumstances and finance requirements and answer any immediate questions that you may have around the lending process. This is a no obligation appointment that you can use to get some help without the worry of making any commitments.  

When you are ready to begin the application process we formally collect information surrounding your current situation in our Client Needs Analysis. This document is a tool that we use to ensure that we get to know you as individuals and the unique situation that you are currently in. By collecting this information about you we can then tailor our credit advice to meet your needs specific to your situation.

We then match you situation to our data base of lender information to match your needs to the right product solution. We will then illustrate your options to you and recommend the loan we feel best suits your needs.

After you accept a recommendation that we make, we will then manage the home loan application process from submission to a lender all the way through to settlement and beyond. We pride ourselves in being your personal Finance Broker who does not just help you once and then say goodbye. At Insight Lending we strive to be your point of contact for questions you have in relation to your home loan or property enquiries.