Self-Managed Super Fund Finance (SMSF)

Another way to invest into property can be through a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF). Exploring this option allows you to purchase a property using the funds that are currently  in your superannuation as a deposit and borrowing the remainder from a bank.

This can be ideal for those clients who are seeking to invest into property but do not have the savings or property equity to fund a deposit. There can be a lot of red tape around purchasing property inside superannuation and it is our job to cut through that red tape to give you a simple process that is managed from start to finish. For more information on investing in property click here: Investment Property.

Whilst this option is not available to all investors our brokers can conduct the research to give you an idea of if it is possible for you. With several SMSF lenders on our panel you can be confident that you can still get a competitive rate on a product that meets your needs.

We would like you to consider, among other things, your retirement objectives, the cash flow of your fund, the life and disability insurance that you may lose on rollover of your existing funds, the remaining liquid assets after the purchase and diversification of your investment strategy before you pursue this method of property purchase.

Our Financial Planners and accountants in our sister companies have determined this to be a property investment decision, and as they are not licensed to make specific property recommendations. The Insight Group will not make a specific recommendation that you pursue this strategy. Working with our sister companies, we can obtain factual information to assist you to make your own decisions and comply with the often complex rules. Should you desire specific personalized advice on whether this strategy is right for you, please ask your broker for a referral to an appropriately licensed and qualified professional.