Home Loan Refinancing

One of the keys to success for your future wealth is to ensure that you do not pay too much interest on your home or investment loans. On a $400,000 home loan a half percent interest rate drop is $2000 per year. Is this better in your pocket or your bank’s?

As part of our complimentary Home Loan Review we will conduct research into your current financing and compare that with the wide range products offered by our panel of lenders. Being Brokers means that we have access to a large variety of banks from the Big 4 all the way through to specialty lenders, meaning that you can be confident that we can get you the deal that meet your unique needs.

With a lower interest rate your minimum repayments may reduce and as a result more money will be available to be spent on things more exciting than mortgages or you can maintain the same repayments and own your home sooner. It is our goal to ensure that you have the right product to meet your needs at the lowest cost, and if that means keeping your home loan where it currently is then we will tell you that.

After completing our no obligation complimentary Home Loan Review you will you will have the peace of mind that you are not paying too much!.

After paying off your home loan for years you may want to also gain access to the equity in your home and when we refinance your loan we can do just that. For more information on gaining access to your equity click here: Unlocking Equity.