Investment Loans

We do not just look after those clients who are looking to purchase their own home to live in, we also assist our clients grow their wealth and invest in property.

Rental properties can give you the opportunity to invest and grow your wealth in an asset that can be used as an investment vehicle towards your retirement. Whether it is your first investment or your fifth we can assist you in the most effective way to structure your purchase. With advice from our accountants, you can be confident that your strategy is tax effective.

Whilst we cannot give specific property purchase recommendations, we do have access to valuation research to assist our clients evaluate their selections. We also want you to fully understand Negative Gearing, Neutral Gearing and Positive Gearing so that you appreciate that tax benefits can assist your property acquisition but should not be the reason to invest. Making profit for capital gain on sale or paying off the loan to have the rent as an income stream needs to be your property “end game”. A tax deduction on the way through because of negative gearing is just a bonus.

Even if you do not have a deposit for an investment property you can use the equity that has built up in your home. This can mean that you do not need to contribute any direct cash into your new investment which can be an easy way to invest.